Welcome and congratulations on deciding that now is the time for you to move forward and create a better everyday life.

The Beyond Loss Virtual Retreat will provide you with the wisdom (Live Love Gems) that will assist you to move beyond any of the 40+ loss events that can affect our lives. It does not matter what loss events have occured in your life, as the process is the same for all.

Imagine how different your life will be when you have strategies to:

  • Move beyond any kind of loss
  • Stop the grieving and suffering from past loss events
  • Easily cope with any future loss events
  • Know how to assist your family and friends when loss comes into their LIVES.
  • Create a better everyday life.

The Group Dynamic Beyond Loss Virtual Retreat pathway is purposely designed to provide a forum where an intimate number of people come together over a 9-week period to assist you to move beyond any kind of loss event

What is included in the Beyond Loss Virtual retreat ~ Group Dynamic Pathway

  • Guidance on how to identify, acknowledge, process, and honour your life loss or change.
  • Insights regarding the importance of honouring your past to confidently move into the future, with instructions for how to effectively use your feelings and intuition throughout the process of moving on.
  • Over 36 video lessons, released weekly over nine weeks.
  • Weekly group 90 min Q&A sessions with Karen Chaston as your Beyond Loss Guide.
  • A simple action plan to help you take positive steps towards healing every day.
  • Step-by-step directions for building a new life framework for your future.
  • Expert tools and proven self-care techniques and practices to help you improve your emotional health, confidence, and focus.
  • Lifetime access to this pathway so you can return to any of the lessons at any time you’re experiencing challenging life changes or loss……. With over 40 loss events that can affect our lives, loss will come again, though with this wisdom you will never go down again.

Karen promises, that when you follow all the steps in this course, you will be equipped with all the knowledge and wisdom to move beyond  your past and future loss events.