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The Revitalise Your Life is a 45 day  video series that is purposefully designed for people who are lost, in a daze after life has thrown them around and are not sure where to go from here.

At the Chaston Centre we have found, that with over 40 different loss events that can occur in all of our lives, we are all going to experience many multiple losses and tragic events.

After working with clients all over the world, Karen Chaston found that whilst most people do not know how to easily move beyond loss, they are very lost, frozen and seem to have disconnected from themselves ~ emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

They do not know how they will be able to get up off the ground and move forward.

This course was designed with all of this in mind. It’s the first step in assisting you to reconnect to you. To make you a priority in your life.

Each day you will receive a short video and an activity for the day.

The best option is to take your time with each activity.

Schedule an hour a day. Do what you can in that alloted time and then start again tomorrow.

This series will be available to you forever, so there is no requirement to be overwhelmed. Simply work at your own pace. Simply, take some steps each day.

Karen promises, that when you follow all the steps, do all the deep dives into you that this course guides you to do, you will Revitalise Your Life, to a point where you are ready to move beyond any thing that has held you back from living and loving your life.