The Secret to Jumping Out of Bed, Each and Every Day, Excited About What the Day will Bring!

Knowing that you will have enough time and energy to do everything you’d like to do today,in all areas of your life. In all Roles that you play each day.

Are you looking for something that’s missing in your life?

So often, we feel that we are missing something, that life could be better.

At the Chaston Centre, we have found that many times the things or person missing from your life, is actually YOU.

The Live Love: Keys To Your Success 7-week program is designed to bring you back into your life. So you can become the STAR in your life.

Together we go back to basics to assist you to realise and remember that you are the only person, you will be spending your entire life with and that now is the time for you to put you first and create all of your Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations.

Live Love: Keys to Your Success is an empowering and transformative 7-week program designed to guide participants towards living their best lives. This program focuses on holistic personal growth, empowering individuals to unleash their full potential and thrive in all areas of life. Participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery, gaining the tools and insights needed to create a life of fulfillment, joy, and success.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Self-Discovery and Clarity: Participants will gain a deep understanding of their values, passions, and purpose, leading to enhanced clarity about their life’s direction and goals.
  2. Emotional Intelligence and Resilience: The program will teach emotional intelligence skills, helping participants manage stress, build resilience, and foster healthier relationships.
  3. Goal Setting and Action Planning: Participants will learn effective goal-setting techniques and develop actionable plans to achieve their dreams and aspirations.
  4. Mindfulness and Stress Reduction: Mindfulness practices will be introduced to cultivate present-moment awareness, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.
  5. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: The program will focus on improving communication and interpersonal skills, empowering participants to create more meaningful connections with others.
  6. Positive Habits and Productivity: Participants will develop positive habits and time management strategies to boost productivity and achieve a better work-life balance.
  7. Confidence and Self-Empowerment: The program will work on boosting self-confidence, enabling participants to overcome self-limiting beliefs and embrace their true potential.
  8. Financial Literacy and Wealth Building: Financial workshops will equip participants with essential knowledge to manage finances wisely and build long-term wealth.

Join Live Love: Keys to Your Success today

to embark on a transformative journey towards a fulfilling and purposeful life!

Gain the skills, insights and confidence to

take charge of your destiny and unlock the best version of yourself.

Weeks 1 to 3: The Foundation: Live Love ~ All About You.

During the first three weeks, we will be going back to basics. Assisting you to understand in layman’s (woman’s) terms about all areas that make you tick.

There will be many thought provoking questions, exercises, downloads and Live Love Gems, that will assist you to gain the clarity and direction, in order for you to easily create your Live Love Life.

Here are some of the Live Love Gems we will be covering:

These above 8 awareness sessions will give:

Weeks 4: Live Love ~ All About You: Four Areas of Life.

This week we delve into each of the four areas of life that come under the All About You Pillar.

There will be many exercises, downloads and Live Love Gems, that will assist you to have these areas working hand in hand with each other.

Week 5: Live Love ~ All About Your Relationships’ 4 Areas of Life.

This week we delve into each of the four areas of life that come under the All About Your Relationships Pillar.

There will be many exercises, downloads and Live Love Gems, that will assist you to have these areas working hand in hand with each other.

Week 6: Live Love ~ All About Your Expertise 2 Areas of Life

This week we delve into each of the two areas of life that come under the All About Your Expertise Pillar.

There will be many exercises, downloads and Live Love Gems, that will assist you to have these areas working hand in hand with each other.

Week 7: Live Love ~ All About Your Wealth-Creation 2 Areas of Life.

In the final week we delve into each of the two areas of live that come under the All About Your Wealth-Creation Pillar.

There will be many exercises, downloads and Live Love Gems, that will assist you to have these areas working hand in hand with each other.

What are others saying about Karen and The Chaston Centre

“I’ve learned a lot about myself about understanding all that I’ve  travelled through. I’ve been given a new lease on life. I am eternally grateful for taking the time to invest in myself. I highly recommend this to everyone.”

“Karen’s process was painful after the passing of my husband and his prolonged his illness. Karen’s process gave me the clarity and understanding so that I can create a life that I want to live. I really liked the clear structure of the program.”

“It changed the way that I thought about losses and how I grieve and get through things. Once I put the work in, it became so easy to understand and now I can move on from the loss of my parents and my divorce. Now knowing how to go through any form of loss that comes my way, I can get through anything just by following the steps that Karen gives you. I think everyone should give this a go and it changes your life for the better.

“I did not realise how much I had lost me. Under Karen’s guidance I reconnected and found the things that are important to me. I was able to let go of all of the not so ideal things that had happened throughout my marriage and divorce. I am loving life again. I highly recommend this to everyone……’ll love the new perspective this brings to your life!!”

Karen Chaston is an incredible coach and mentor, totally committed to helping you to prioritise what is important in your life, both personally and professionally.

She introduced me to the concepts of being present, gaining clarity and making space.

Karen helped to guide me to surround myself with people and tasks that were good for me and leading me to fulfill my goals. Whilst eliminating the energy involved in tasks and relationships that were not serving me or leading me towards where I would like to be.  Karen’s mentoring provided me with the foundation for growth and success. It has been the start of my journey into a leadership position. Thank you, Karen.

I had the opportunity to work with Karen on a short-term project early in 2016. The insights and advice given to us by Karen proved to be invaluable.

Her ability to read the situation and get the outcomes required was fantastic. Her input was always ahead of schedule, delivered with enthusiasm, and came with a big smile. Great to work with.

If you have ever felt that the person you are with is totally present, has absolutely no judgement, no ego, and wants nothing FROM you, then you have been in the presence of the gorgeous Karen Chaston.  This woman operates purely from the heart, and exudes that joyous sense of freedom we all aspire to experience.  And the amazing thing is that Karen is on a mission to help other women live that joyous life too!

I first met Karen in 2013 in Sydney, and since then have been blessed to be part of her Group Meetings, workshops, and other events she has held.  Her book “A Journey to Becoming Your Own Best Friend” was, for me, a turning point in how I viewed myself. And how I TREATED myself.  It is now my “go to” book any time I am feeling at odds with the world (or with me!).

I cannot thank Karen enough for helping me get in touch with my true self, my playful self, my confident self!  And to love and nurture the woman I am.  But most of all, Karen has taught me to actually get out of my own way and BE the woman I love to be.

My name is Bianca Caruana and I am a virtual assistant from BE Designs. I worked with Karen for six weeks in about July 2018 and I was doing the live love by design program with her, where we focused on all about myself my relationships my expertise and then my wealth.

It was a great experience working with Karen because she really helped me to break down the barriers that I had in myself on achieving what I wanted to achieve in life which was a balance between my business that brought in wealth and my travel that was really all about my passions.

From the day that we started working together it was a great outlet for me to be able to tell her all about my life all, about my experiences and all about the struggles that I had been having to really get to where I wanted to be.

So, over the course of six weeks, we broke it down through a range of activities discussions tips that she would give me about really manifesting the things that I’ve always wanted. Some of those were small exercises like going through questions and really getting in touch with what it is that I really wanted inside and having those thoughts come up and kind of confronting them in a way that would really make me believe in myself and understand that these are the things that I can achieve.

I found Karen to be so open I felt so comfortable with her straightaway. I really felt that she didn’t put any judgment at all, just gave me really good advice and really just listened to what I had to say and helped me to take all these aspects of my life that I was quite confused about at the time and really kind of pillared them on top of each other to understand what I needed to do to create the life that I really want to live.

So, thank you so much Karen I could recommend you more without this course I don’t know if I would really be achieving the things that I’m going to be achieving so. so soon. I’m just big thank you thanks so much.