Where Are You now?

Welcome to the Chaston Centre.

Congratulations, for taking the time to STOP and complete The Chaston Centre ‘Where are You Now’ assessment, so you can now look at things from a different perspective.

Far too often we live in one or two areas of our lives and wonder why we are not happy and living the life of our dreams and desires.

Sometimes it’s because people, buy into the concept that you cannot have balance in your life. That life is what it is and that it can’t be changed. They accept that this is how you live life at the stage they are at, never questioning, surely there must be another way, an easier way, a better way.

A More Loving Way!

The document  you will receive after completing this assessment, will outline precisely where you are NOW, in all areas of your life. It’s a roadmap filled with many gems to assist you to find more time and energy, so that you can design a life where you live, love and succeed in all areas of your life………….. That more loving way!

Are you ready to get started?

Remember to be totally honest. “Where you are now” is a starting point, so that we can design where we would like to be, in all areas of our life, then figure out the best pathway to closing the gap between now and where you’d like to be.


With Gratitude

Karen and The Chaston Centre Team