Have you ever felt, ‘surely there must be an easier way to motivate staff?’

As NLG Ltd.’s C.F.O., Karen Chaston asked this question all the time. Though now as a Beyond Loss Mentor, Speaker and Author, she has found the answer.

For far too long, we’ve been expecting our employees to be present and productive whilst leaving their problems at the door.  As people are not one-dimensional this desire is unrealistic.

When we fine-tune employee recognition and engagement, we create a company where everyone is an engaged stakeholder in making the best possible product, whilst offering the best possible service, whilst building the strongest possible company.

“The People & Profits Connection” is the single largest productively gain you’ve been seeking.

This FREE “Understanding The People Profits Connection” video series, is designed to answer all of your questions in these three sections:

  • What is the People Profits Connection (PPC)
  • How PPC Creates a Company Where Everyone Becomes an Engaged Stakeholder
  • Three things you can do right now, that when introduced will enhance your business, immediately.

Enjoy deep diving into this.

We are sure that you’ll clearly see why, The People Profits Connection program is a must for any manager looking for ways to reduce staff turnover whilst increasing staff morale, workplace wellbeing, productivity and profits.

About Karen & The Chaston Centre

Karen Chaston is the co-founder of the Chaston Centre, a place for meaningful living.

As a CPA and former CFO of a publicly listed company and senior manager for 25+ years, she understands profits.

As a Beyond Loss Expert, she understands people and how crippling and life changing, any kind of loss can be.

The Chaston Centre’s many programs have brought together Karen’s two passions ~ People and Profits. This is how we assist both ~

  • Firstly, assisting individuals to create their better everyday life after any kind of loss.
  • Secondly, assisting businesses to ensure that their People, Productivity and Profits are thriving.

For more information visit https://www.thechastoncentre.com/

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