Have you ever felt, ‘surely there must be an easier way to motivate staff?’

In her capacity as C.F.O. of NLG Ltd., Karen Chaston posed this question frequently. However, as an accomplished Beyond Loss Expert, Life Coach, International Best-selling Author and sought-after International Speaker, she has uncovered the solution.

Over time, the expectation for employees to be fully present and productive whilst suppressing their personal challenges has persisted. However, recognising the multi-faceted nature of individuals, this aspiration becomes increasingly unrealistic.

Through enhancing our approach to employee recognition and engagement, we cultivate an environment where everyone becomes a committed stakeholder. This transformation enables the creation of superior products, exceptional services and a robust organisational foundation.

“The People & Profits Connection” stands as the paramount catalyst for the productivity enhancement you’ve been tirelessly pursuing.

To provide you with firsthand evidence of the validity of this principle, we have meticulously developed the “Understanding the People Profits Connection” 13-video program as a resource.

The “Understanding The People Profits Connection” (UPPC) series is a transformative 13-video program designed to revolutionise the way individuals perceive and engage within their workplaces. With a focus on aligning people, purpose and profits, the series delves deep into the heart of modern workplace dynamics, offering profound insights and practical strategies for positive change.

The UPPC series comprises three core themes.

In the first phase, participants are introduced to the essence of the People Profits Connection, recognising the pivotal role of acknowledging challenges as the initial step towards solutions. Through research-backed insights, participants are empowered to challenge the long-held notion of disengaged employees, fostering a shift towards a company culture where every member becomes an engaged stakeholder.

The second phase hones in on personal and leadership development, encouraging viewers to reclassify employees as assets rather than expenses. The series fosters a holistic understanding of individuals, enabling better relationships and unveiling opportunities for growth. Participants are encouraged to assess their leadership styles, leading to enhanced self-awareness and optimal growth. This phase concludes with strategies for maximizing employee returns on investment, ensuring a thriving workplace and healthier bottom line.

The final phase equips participants with actionable tools for immediate implementation. From nurturing holistic well-being to learning from past experiences and fostering resilience, viewers gain tangible takeaways that enrich their lives and the workplace.

Ultimately, the UPPC series offers an empowering journey towards holistic transformation, where love, gratitude, and purpose converge to reshape workplaces into thriving ecosystems of engagement, growth and fulfillment.

Enjoy deep diving into this.

We are sure that you’ll clearly see why, The People Profits Connection program is a must for any manager looking for ways to reduce staff turnover whilst increasing staff morale, workplace wellbeing, productivity and profits.

The UPPC program aims to guide you in creating a harmonious workplace where people, purpose, and profits align. It provides insights and practical strategies to transform your company culture, enhance leadership skills, and foster employee engagement for overall growth.

Unlike free programs that might be undervalued and underutiliSed, the $97 investment in UPPC encourages your active engagement. Your commitment signifies your intent to fully benefit from the program's transformative content, fostering a sense of ownership and motivation to implement the strategies presented.

UPPC is designed for business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and anyone seeking to cultivate a positive and engaging workplace environment. It's valuable for those looking to enhance leadership skills, improve employee relationships, and align their company's values with tangible profits.

Absolutely. The principles and strategies presented in UPPC are designed to be universally applicable across various industries. The focus on holistic well-being, employee engagement and purpose-driven leadership transcends specific sectors, making it relevant for diverse workplaces.

Certainly! While UPPC addresses leadership and workplace dynamics, its insights extend beyond professional roles. The program offers tools for personal growth, relationship enhancement, and resilience building. If you're interested in nurturing holistic well-being, improving your relationships, and embracing personal development, UPPC has valuable takeaways for you.

Investing in UPPC offers you an opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge, strategies and transformative wisdom. If you have more questions or need further guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your journey towards a more engaged, purpose-driven, and profitable workplace begins here.


About Karen & The Chaston Centre

Karen Chaston is the co-founder of the Chaston Centre, a place for meaningful living.

As a CPA and former CFO of a publicly listed company and senior manager for 25+ years, she understands profits.

As a Beyond Loss Expert, she understands people and how crippling and life changing, any kind of loss can be.

The Chaston Centre’s many programs have brought together Karen’s two passions ~ People and Profits. This is how we assist ~

  • Firstly, assisting individuals to create their better everyday life after any kind of loss.
  • Secondly, assisting businesses to ensure that their People, Productivity and Profits are thriving.

For more information visit https://www.thechastoncentre.com/